Saturday, March 4, 2017

Upcoming Sprint 2017 Events!


If you were watching the Facebook Group, you probably noticed that I posted events covering the next few months!  There's a lot coming up this spring, and here's some of it:

  • March 25th, Group Brew!
  • April 15th, April Home Brewers Meeting
  • April 22nd, Hogtown Beer Festival
  • May 12th, May Homebrewer's Happy Hour

Group Brew

So, the idea in March is to do a Group Brew together.  We won't be using the club system for this one, the idea is to bring your own recipe and share techniques.  It's a great time of year to get your lawnmower beer ready, make a Spring Wit, or brew up a big beer now so it's ready for next winter!  You could also brew up something to share for the Hogtown Beer Festival!

April Group Meeting

April is a bit busy, so I bumped the next Happy Hour until May.  We've got our normal meeting coming up on the third weekend of the month, April 15th, at Daytona Beach Brewing.

Hogtown Craft Beer Festival 2017

In April, there's also the aforementioned Hogtown Craft Beer Festival.  Even if you don't have a beer to share, I highly encourage you to come for the festival.  It's got to be one of the best festival spaces in the area, and the selection is HUGE.  There are a ton of special pourings all day long.

If you've got something you want to show off as a home brewer, it's the place to do it.  You are competing for attention with some of the best beers in the whole state.

May Homebrewer's Happy Hour

Finally, I've held the date for another Friday Night Happy Hour on May 12th at a Volusia County Beer Destination.  Come on out and just share a pint with some other home brewers without all the normal club business!

And there's more!

In May, there's also going to be a club meeting, and possibly another Tortuga's Craft Beer Festival.  Stay tuned!